Water Worthy Safety Equipment

Water Worthy Requirements

  • Buoyancy Aid
  • 1Kg Dry Powder Extinguisher (Wetbikes)
  • 1.5kg Dry Powder Extinguisher
  • Automatic Fire Extinguisher 2.1 cub/m
  • One set of Oars (Boats)
    • Telescopic oars for Wetbikes
  • 1Kg/1.5Kg Anchor Complete with Rope and Chain (Wetbikes)
  • Anchor 6kg Complete with Rope and Chain
  • First Aid Kit 4 man (Wetbikes)
  • First Aid Kit 6 man
  • Repair Kit For Rubber Duck’s
  • Tool & Spare Set (Wetbikes and Boats)
  • Sparkplug as per enige (Wetbikes and Boats)
  • 5Ltr Fuel Jerry Can (Wetbikes and Boats)
  • 5Ltr Steel Bucket (Wetbikes and Boats)
  • Kill Switch Universal)
  • Manual Shut Off Valve
  • Emergency Steering and Bracket
  • Water Tight Torch and Spare Globe (Wetbikes and Boats)
  • New COF and Stickers and Numbers (Wetbikes and Boats)
  • Renewal of Certificate (Wetbikes and Boats)

Buoyancy foam cost for boats including certificate and including all material.