Water Worthy Safety Equipment

Water Worthy Requirements

  1. Buoyancy Aid
  2. 1Kg Dry Powder Extinguisher (Wetbikes)
  3. 1.5kg Dry Powder Extinguisher
  4. Automatic Fire Extinguisher 2.1 cub/m
  5. One set of Oars (Boats)
    • Telescopic oars for Wetbikes
  6. 1Kg/1.5Kg Anchor Complete with Rope and Chain (Wetbikes)
  7. Anchor 6kg Complete with Rope and Chain
  8. First Aid Kit 4 man (Wetbikes)
  9. First Aid Kit 6 man
  10. Repair Kit For Rubber Duck’s
  11. Tool & Spare Set (Wetbikes and Boats)
  12. Sparkplug as per enige (Wetbikes and Boats)
  13. 5Ltr Fuel Jerry Can (Wetbikes and Boats)
  14. 5Ltr Steel Bucket (Wetbikes and Boats)
  15. Kill Switch Universal)
  16. Manual Shut Off Valve
  17. Emergency Steering and Bracket
  18. Water Tight Torch and Spare Globe (Wetbikes and Boats)
  19. New COF and Stickers and Numbers (Wetbikes and Boats)
  20. Renewal of Certificate (Wetbikes and Boats)

Buoyancy foam cost for boats including certificate and including all material.